Logo design services

The logotype is the most important and memorable element within branding. This is like a first impression, it can impact aspects of the "make" or "break"  element within the creation of a new business relationship. It is the look and feel for your brand. Our creative style is dynamic and what we aim to achieve is to add confidence and a sense of unique personality to the companies that we create a relationship with, We want you to set yourselves apart from your competitors, build trust and loyalty with your clients and grow your business with that extra edge.

Logotype development: 

Logos are divided into two categories, text based designs and icon based designs that include text within them.

Icon based logos can become a standalone image .

If a client is unsure as to which one will work best, we are more than happy to experiment until we find the ideal solution.



 Generally all logos are designed in Adobe Illustrator (vector format). If you are planning on enlarging your logo/ design work to any dimension without affecting the sharpness of your image then this is the right option for you. Vector based graphics do not pixelate so you have complete freedom in terms of printing and re-scaling.

In some cases the client might be looking for something that is more organic which uses texture, photography or hand drawn elements. For this we will generally use Adobe Photoshop and certain size restrictions may apply. We will always advise our clients of this before the brief is worked on.


The finished logotype is handed over via email in the following file formats depending on the job: ai, pdf, eps, png, jpeg and psd.